We believe that healthy living means keeping your goods clean

Meet the future of easy sanitizing

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An easy lifestyle oriented UVC sanitizer built for you

On the go or at home, sanitize all of your goods up to a 13 inch macbook.

How it Works

High intensity ultra violet light damages DNA & RNA in bacteria, viruses, and other germs, killing the germs and disinfecting your items.

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Built for More

Fit all your every day carry including laptops up to 13 inches. Sterilize what you need to, from water bottles to laptops.

Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our craft and building the best product. We are so confident we are giving a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason.

Built to Trust

Cutting no corners on price we made the best possible product with your saftey in mind. With each Shepard will come a full lab data report.

First Ever at Home & Portable UVC Sterilizer

The Shepard comes with a portable sterilizer capable of sanitizing your phones, keys, and your mask. It is equipped with a wireless charger along with USB Ports.

Our Climate Pledge

We offset our shipping carbon emissions and use eco-friendly packaging material to make sure our planet stays beautiful.

Rising Talent: Shot by Arnav Gupta

Make a Statement

Sleek and elegant, the Shepard fits in any setting and making a bold impression. With a chisled alumnium body the Shepard maintains a high class appearance worthy of an Instagram post.

The Story

Hi I'm Shriam Joshi the founder of Violet Ease. We are located near Silicon Valley and focus on bringing products that not only are functional, but really impact you. From design language to simple convenience we do it to perfection.

Any Questions?

Charge up here

With a total of four USB ports and a wireless charger the Shepard is well equipped to handle all of your charging needs.

360° Coverage

Using pure quartz glass, the organizing tray allows for all UVC light to pass through and leave no spots untouched. Keeping your saftey and peace of mind.

Sound Familiar?

"I was always scared of my barber not properly cleaning blades and passing on a dangerous infection, but now I just take the Shepard on the go!"

~ Hemant Joshi

Arrange it your way

The one of a kind quartz glass organizing tray has multiple forms to make it fit any item, and maintain 360° coverage.